Tuesday, August 12, 2008


All's been quiet since Beavis got arrested.

He's out on bail, but has rarely been seen...in fact, he's only been spotted very briefly twice since his drunken @$$ got taken to jail.

It's taken me awhile, but here are some pix of what Beavis was throwing around the night he got arrested:

The top thing is the plastic casing for a "digital tire gauge". I found the casing on our front step. Literally. As in, open the front door, look down, and there it was. Just the casing.

The bottom two metal thingys are...uh, I'm not really sure. They look like some type of bracket. Beavis was not throwing rocks at passing cars as I'd assumed night of the incident. No wonder the cops were called!

Here's a closeup of the metal thingys:

And here's a sense of scale as I hold one of the metal thingys:

I found both the plastic casing and the metal thingys the morning after Beavis' arrest. The metal thingys were in the street, near our cars. I'm frankly amazed that our cars haven't been more overtly damaged by Beavis lately.

There was the one time a few years ago when he was drunk-driving and he backed out of the Beavisphere driveway into my Grand Am. He smashed the turn signal light, which set off the burglar alarm, and sped off. When the Dear Husband and I came running out, Little Sister actually narked on Beavis! I made a report to Big Daddy the next day, and Ma Barker sweetly handed me a $100 bill a couple of days later, thanking me for not calling the cops on the jerkface. Shame on me.

Anyway, I haven't heard anything about the neighbor who had their car damaged by Beavis, what charges Beavis is up on, or whether his candy @$$ will go back to jail anytime soon.



Little Kenny said...

The metal bits are actually hinges for cupboard doors. European design that hides the hinge inside the cupboard.

The crossbar of the T mounts inside the cupboard in a drilled out hole. The leg of the T mounts to the door. Or vice versa. Can't remember, not important.

Score! ;) Now you just need a couple more.

Phil said...

Those "metal thingies" look to me like hinges for cabinets. Open up your kitchen our bathroom cabinet doors, and I'll bet you see something similar.


Donna A. said...

The metal things are hinges for cabinet doors. I imagine they'd do quite a bit of damage on a passing car!

RedDiabla said...

Well, now I know!

Thanks everyone!