Saturday, August 30, 2008


Beavis has been laying low, but is still around. How do I know this?

He pushed the pickup around in front of the Beavisphere:

Last week the truck was way closer to the driveway curb. It's been pushed forward almost to the spot it was in when the Parking Enforcement Lady marked it up:

The right front tire was not fixed like I thought it was. He's been getting around taxi-style:

The day before yesterday, I was trying to be sly and get a better shot of the truck from the front porch. As I was doing this, little Ellie Mae wandered into view:

I slipped back into the house, as I foolishly thought there would be some adult supervision coming to get her at any second.

I was wrong.

She went wandering down the street. Much like Beavis was left to do when he was her age, I suspect:

Ellie Mae was left to her own devices for a good five minutes if not longer. Here's she wandering around in the yard of a house two doors down from the Beavisphere:

Ma Barker finally shuffles outside to see where little Ellie Mae wandered off to. She sees her, but doesn't go after her. She just calls her name repeatedly from the driveway:

At least Ellie Mae is obedient and runs back:

They go back into the house. Then end.

I don't know where Beavis was in all this. Or 40 Miles of Bad Road. Haven't seen 40MBR at all, now that I think about it.

I feel really bad for Ellie Mae, as she's a real innocent in all this. She's gonna be hell when she hits puberty.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Movin' and Groovin'

As I was throwing out some junk from the house yesterday, I spotted Beavis with a baby:

I think this heralds the arrival of Unfortunate DNA Recipient #4. Poor thing.

The next time I looked outside, Beavis was using Little Sister's car for nefarious purposes:

He apparently changed the flat tire on the worktruck and threw it in the truckbed.

Then he pulled Little Sister's car up behind the worktruck:


He goes up to the porch, gets a tiedown, and comes back to the truck:

Little Sister, some other dark-haired chick, 40 Miles of Bad Road and Ma Barker were watching while all this was going on. Here's a very bad closeup of 40MBR and Ma Barker. I think Ma Barker is holding UDNAR#4:

Beavis ties the tiedown to the front of Little Sister's car and the back of the worktruck:

And then proceeds to tow the truck back about 3 feet in an effort to thwart the Parking Enforcement Lady's chalk markings on the truck tires and the ground around the tires:

A job well done!



I hope to see the Parking Enforcement people come back, as I'd love to ask them if this move is legal. I'm betting that they don't have protocol for this type of scenario. Dammit.

Friday, August 15, 2008


A strange and funny sight today...

PARKING ENFORCEMENT has finally figured out that Beavis uses public streets as his own personal storage facility for his non-running vehicles!

I happened to glance across the street as I was emptying trash this afternoon and saw a parking enforcement officer, a worried-looking Ma Barker, and an annoyed-looking Little Sister out in front of the Beavisphere, by the non-running cars parked in front of their house. They all were talking in hushed tones, so I couldn't hear a damned thing any of them said.

All I know is that the parking enforcement lady was typing in license plate info and such into her little computer and marked ALL FOUR of the tires on Beavis' worktruck(that has a flat, btw). Little Sister's car wasn't marked, even though it hasn't moved any more than the damned pickup. Little Sister is busy taking out all the crap that was stored in it, however, and moving the stuff into her latest car.

Speaking of, Little Sister apparently traded in her BMW and got some little pseudo-station wagon thingy made by KIA. It's cute. And tiny. Very appropos for a New Mommy.

Next thing I know, a tow truck has pulled up to Little Sister's old car!

After the PEL and the tow truck driver talked at great length, Little Sister's old car was towed away. WOW!!!!! I have no idea what prompted all this, but here's hoping that damned worktruck follows suit SOON!!

Oh, and Beavis was nowhere to be seen while all this transpired. Hmmmmmmmmm.

I don't know who called Parking Enforcement, but I just want to say to them: I LOVE YOU!!!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


All's been quiet since Beavis got arrested.

He's out on bail, but has rarely been fact, he's only been spotted very briefly twice since his drunken @$$ got taken to jail.

It's taken me awhile, but here are some pix of what Beavis was throwing around the night he got arrested:

The top thing is the plastic casing for a "digital tire gauge". I found the casing on our front step. Literally. As in, open the front door, look down, and there it was. Just the casing.

The bottom two metal thingys are...uh, I'm not really sure. They look like some type of bracket. Beavis was not throwing rocks at passing cars as I'd assumed night of the incident. No wonder the cops were called!

Here's a closeup of the metal thingys:

And here's a sense of scale as I hold one of the metal thingys:

I found both the plastic casing and the metal thingys the morning after Beavis' arrest. The metal thingys were in the street, near our cars. I'm frankly amazed that our cars haven't been more overtly damaged by Beavis lately.

There was the one time a few years ago when he was drunk-driving and he backed out of the Beavisphere driveway into my Grand Am. He smashed the turn signal light, which set off the burglar alarm, and sped off. When the Dear Husband and I came running out, Little Sister actually narked on Beavis! I made a report to Big Daddy the next day, and Ma Barker sweetly handed me a $100 bill a couple of days later, thanking me for not calling the cops on the jerkface. Shame on me.

Anyway, I haven't heard anything about the neighbor who had their car damaged by Beavis, what charges Beavis is up on, or whether his candy @$$ will go back to jail anytime soon.