Monday, August 18, 2008

Movin' and Groovin'

As I was throwing out some junk from the house yesterday, I spotted Beavis with a baby:

I think this heralds the arrival of Unfortunate DNA Recipient #4. Poor thing.

The next time I looked outside, Beavis was using Little Sister's car for nefarious purposes:

He apparently changed the flat tire on the worktruck and threw it in the truckbed.

Then he pulled Little Sister's car up behind the worktruck:


He goes up to the porch, gets a tiedown, and comes back to the truck:

Little Sister, some other dark-haired chick, 40 Miles of Bad Road and Ma Barker were watching while all this was going on. Here's a very bad closeup of 40MBR and Ma Barker. I think Ma Barker is holding UDNAR#4:

Beavis ties the tiedown to the front of Little Sister's car and the back of the worktruck:

And then proceeds to tow the truck back about 3 feet in an effort to thwart the Parking Enforcement Lady's chalk markings on the truck tires and the ground around the tires:

A job well done!



I hope to see the Parking Enforcement people come back, as I'd love to ask them if this move is legal. I'm betting that they don't have protocol for this type of scenario. Dammit.

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