Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tantrums and Petulance

Beavis is still lying relatively low by his standards, but things are still happening...

Yesterday afternoon the Dear Husband and I were on our way to a fun double-header derby game funfest. As we were loading up the car, I saw what appeared to be a beach bum shuffling up the street in our general direction.

It was Beavis.

, he really shows some wear and tear up close. ZOIKS.

He stops, looks around, and waits. Ellie Mae is on her little pink tricycle, trundling along the bumpy sidewalk, catching up to him. He waits for her, looks to see if the street is clear of cars, and shuffles to the Beavisphere with Ellie Mae pedalling along behind him. How...cute.

Today I was sitting on the front porch petting Kitty. Ellie Mae is in the front yard of the Beavisphere, playing with the garden hose and watering the lawn. A heavily-pregnant woman comes out of the Beavisphere house and chides Ellie Mae and turns the hose off. This woman is NOT 40 Miles of Bad Road. I hope she's NOT the latest Beavis Baby Momma, too.

Anyway, the ending waterworks sends Ellie Mae on a tantrum where she runs screaming to the next door neighbor's yard and throws herself on their lawn. Big Pregnant Chick goes back in the Beavisphere house. Ellie Mae is left to continue to cry on neighbor's lawn. I watch. Kitty rolls on the ground at my feet. Ah, parenting!

After about five minutes, Ma Barker is heard calling Ellie Mae's name, but doesn't come out of the house. Ellie Mae continues unabated. Ma Barker starts chiding Ellie Mae, still from inside the house. Ellie Mae gets up off the neighbor's lawn, wanders back to the Beavisphere lawn, and starts crying again. Ma Barker appears at the front door, still chiding. Ellie Mae turns her back on Ma Barker and pouts on the grassy median between the sidewalk and the street. Ma Barker recedes into the house. Beavis comes out. Ellie Mae gets up off the median and stomps over to Beavis. He picks her up and takes her inside the house. More yelling and crying ensues.

This poor kid's gonna be screwed for life.