Saturday, December 13, 2008

You Should See the Other Guy!

Last night as I was getting ready to go to the Animation Guild annual holiday party(which was fun as fuck), I heard a big loud diesel truck-thing. Turned out it was a tow truck, and it had pulled into the Beavisphere's driveway. It was there for a long time, and I lost track of its presence as I continued to try and look like a girl for once in my miserable life.

As the husband and I were leaving for the party, we see that the tow truck is gone, and Big Daddy's pickemup truck is in the driveway with the front end bashed in.


Today I got a better view of it:


Don't know what happened, where it happened or how it happened, but it sure as sh!t happened. Big Daddy was wandering around looking just fine, so apparently he wasn't injured. I wonder how long the truck will be that I think about it, he couldn't take it to a shop last night because they were all closed by the time the tow truck must've shown up.

I guess he'll be around the Beavisphere a little more than we all anticipated!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm Bored

I was distractedly watching a fun dvd set called, Forbidden Hollywood which features films that were made in the very early 1930's before the Production Code went into full effect. Needless to say, there were some films that were smutty...for the time.

Anyway, I got distracted by loud music with an insane bass track, and I look outside to see this:

The Expedition that Beavis and 40 Miles of Bad Road have been running around in lately. They weren't driving it today; some fat dude with a bandanna on his head was. Whatever.

Beavis and Fat Dude talked for awhile, then Fat Dude pulled the SUV into the Beavisphere driveway. 40MBR and Ellie Mae came wandering out. 40MBR went to their portable storage unit, aka the rotting worktruck:

There isn't really a way to lock up the worktruck, but Beavis has to jerryrig his way in anyway:

Lookit the Happy Family!

I got distracted by my own work, so I got back to it.

A little later, I see this:

Beavis carrying a coffee table. The table was left out in front of the next door neighbor's house. I saw it earlier in the day and it looked pretty cool, but I figured something must've been wrong with it for it to be abandoned like it was.

Beavis carried the table to the grass-clippings bin that was conveniently out front and put in on top of the bin.

However, he put the table back out in No Man's Land about 15 minutes later:

Then about an hour after that, some dude came along and grabbed the table:

And happily drove off with it:

One thing I've noticed is that Big Daddy isn't around. Crap. That means Beavis and his brood will continue to be around more often. Welp, hopefully that'll just mean that I'll get more funny photos of a benign nature, and not have any actual interaction with that prick.

Sunday, December 07, 2008


40 Miles of Bad Road seems to be back, sans Unfortunate DNA Recipient #4. We still have no idea what happened with the tyke.

The thing is, it appears that Beavis, 40 MBR and Ellie Mae have been living off-site for the past week or so, but visit the Beavisphere often. They're now driving in a SUV that seems to be less junky than previous Beavismobiles. I have a feeling that 40MBR secured the SUV instead of Beavis:

I think this photo is hilarious...Beavis is Sham-Wowing the car while 40MBR is sitting in it:

On Friday I spied 40MBR moving endless bags o' stuff from the rotting worktruck to the SUV:

Eventually Beavis moved the SUV into the driveway:

And of course washed it. He loves washing vehicles:

Don't know if this domestic "bliss" will last, but I do know that when Beavis is doing "well", he's less likely to hang around mommy and daddy's house, which is VERY good for me! Upswing away, dammit!

Yesterday evening while I was prepping for my birthday party, I hear yelling from the street. Oh noes! I thought to myself as I ran to the window to look out to see what was going on.

It was Beavis and 40MBR having an argument in the middle of the street. Yeah, shocking.

I could only hear parts of the conversation, but something about some girl stealing Beavis' stuff was brought up. And that 40MBR was behaving badly at Greg's house...whatever that means. There was a lot of profanity mixed in with a lot of mumbling in between outbursts of said profanity. They eventually all angrily got in the SUV and drove off.

I hear that some of my partygoers were greatly amused to see the rotting worktruck up close and personal last night. I understand that there's photos. I want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I peed myself a little when I got this photo from laughing so hard!

A suggestion for future photosnappers: go to the front of the truck to get in the real decreptitude of the entropy. The front right tire is still completely flat and one of the headlights is about to fall off, so it looks like the truck is winking.

Oh, and apparently I have to explain the quality of my photos. Remember, I'm usually taking photos of the action from inside my house, where I have screens over the windows. Hence the fine mesh distorts the crispness of the Redneck Theater. Just pretend that you drank about 400 PBR's and it'll look "normal".