Saturday, January 24, 2009

Low-Level Lurking

Beavis hasn't left the building.

Or the neighborhood.

He's still around.


One night a bicycle was left in front of the storage unit--I mean, worktruck:

I'd never seen that particular bicycle before, and of course it was gone by morning. I surmise with absolutely no proof that the bike was stolen, and when Beavis or whomever was done with it, put it back out in the world to be stolen and used again.

Yesterday he was wandering around in the rain with Ellie Mae:

And after the rain stopped in the late afternoon he inspected his storage unit--I mean, worktruck most thoroughly:

I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop...

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Same Old, Same Old...

Here I was, sitting at my computer with a comfy cat in my lap and not a care in the world.

Then I hear yelling.

Yep, you got it, Beavis and 40 Miles of Bad Road were back at it.

I grab the cat and run to the Husband's bathroom window, where I see Beavis having a tug-of-war with 40MBR over a tote bag she's carrying in one hand(she had two other bags slung over her shoulder), while Ellie Mae is being held in her other arm. Whatever was in that tote bag must've been VITAL to 40MBR's existence, because she DROPPED Ellie Mae in the middle of the street to keep trying to get the bag away from Beavis.

Beavis won.

Then he and 40MBR kept taking swipes at each other, yelling all the while. And Ellie Mae? Still sitting where she had been dropped, screaming her head off.


Then they abruptly separate...40MBR goes stomping off down the street with her two remaining bags. Beavis sweeps Ellie Mae up from the street, and starts digging through the bag he just grabbed from 4oMBR. He pulls out a small box, waves it and yells, Look what I've got! Look what I've got! while 40MBR mutters to herself as she walks away.

Then Beavis returns to the Beavisphere with Ellie Mae in hand and disappears into the house.

The exchange lasted less than 30 seconds, and I'm completely unsettled.

About 20 minutes later, more yelling ensued as 40MBR had come back to the Beavisphere, grabbed Ellie Mae, and stomped off down the street with her, Beavis following. He stopped, turned back to Ma Barker, and went into the house.


Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Hope everyone got through the holiday season intact...we did!

So did Beavis and 40 Miles of Bad Road. Their activities consisted of hanging out with their friends:

And hanging out at their portable storage space, aka the Worktruck from Hell:

Big Daddy has a new ride:

I don't know if that's a rental or what...I assume it is, because that pickup is nowhere near the size of the old one.

And in the ironiest of all ironies, we have a new camper in front of our house...for real!

It belongs to our friend who I shall call BS. Hahahahahha!

BS is kinda-sorta homeless right now. Well, OK, he is. But he has three vehicles...two cars and that cute lil' motorhome thingy. He used to live with some hippies about a mile away, but the landlord isn't around and the chick who's in the landlord's place gave BS two weeks notice to clear out. BS is going to be up in NoCal for the next 9-10 days and needed a spot to store his hoopty(hope I spelled that right)because it would get towed if he left it in his former neighborhood.

So like dumbasses, the Husband and I said yes.

BS has quite the sense of humor about the value of the camper:

And I found this "note" on the windshield today:

The lack of windshield wipers amuses me. It had better not be raining when BS picks this monster up!

Which, by the way, should be interesting. When BS dropped off the monster, we had him do a little parking-spot manoevering. When he went to start up the monster, it died. DAMMIT. The Husband said, We can put it on the charger the day before it's supposed to be picked up. I just hope that'll do the trick!