Thursday, January 08, 2009

Same Old, Same Old...

Here I was, sitting at my computer with a comfy cat in my lap and not a care in the world.

Then I hear yelling.

Yep, you got it, Beavis and 40 Miles of Bad Road were back at it.

I grab the cat and run to the Husband's bathroom window, where I see Beavis having a tug-of-war with 40MBR over a tote bag she's carrying in one hand(she had two other bags slung over her shoulder), while Ellie Mae is being held in her other arm. Whatever was in that tote bag must've been VITAL to 40MBR's existence, because she DROPPED Ellie Mae in the middle of the street to keep trying to get the bag away from Beavis.

Beavis won.

Then he and 40MBR kept taking swipes at each other, yelling all the while. And Ellie Mae? Still sitting where she had been dropped, screaming her head off.


Then they abruptly separate...40MBR goes stomping off down the street with her two remaining bags. Beavis sweeps Ellie Mae up from the street, and starts digging through the bag he just grabbed from 4oMBR. He pulls out a small box, waves it and yells, Look what I've got! Look what I've got! while 40MBR mutters to herself as she walks away.

Then Beavis returns to the Beavisphere with Ellie Mae in hand and disappears into the house.

The exchange lasted less than 30 seconds, and I'm completely unsettled.

About 20 minutes later, more yelling ensued as 40MBR had come back to the Beavisphere, grabbed Ellie Mae, and stomped off down the street with her, Beavis following. He stopped, turned back to Ma Barker, and went into the house.



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Julius Pleasar said...

What in the living hell?! That's BEYOND rickdiculous!

PhilB said...

OK. I've always been a big believer that what consenting adults do is their business (assuming it involves no one else.

However, when you drop a child in the middle of the road is when even I think that maybe Child Protective Services (or whatever it's called in CA) may need to get involved.

Anonymous said...

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