Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Beavis and 40 Miles of Bad Road are beginning to venture out more.

On Monday I was coming back from a beach skate, and when I was about two blocks away from the house, I spotted Beavis pushing Ellie Mae's stroller down the street in front of me, going in the same direction that I was heading, so his back was to me.

Oh crap! I thought. Do I turn around and go home a different way? Do I skate by and swat him in the back of the head? Or do I just skate by and ignore the scumbag?

I picked Option #3.

And nothing happened that I know of...he probably said something charming and sociable, but since I had my mp3 player on at full blast, I would've missed whatever delightful and neighborly greeting he would've had for me.

After I passed him and a sleepy-looking Ellie Mae, I noticed there was a woman standing on the corner of the block.

It was 40MBR. Just standing there, leaning up against a Post Office mail drop off box, apparently waiting for Beavis and Ellie Mae.


I skate by her, and she barely takes notice of me. She's still pregnant, so when I saw Beavis holding an infant days ago, it must've been Little Sister's Nub he had in his grasp.

Then yesterday, I look outside and see this:

40MBR is sitting in the Worktruck from Hell.

Just sitting:

Doing nothing:


Beavis ventures out a little later and starts tinkering with the truck. I don't know if he's sincere in trying to pull a Lazarus on the damned thing, or is just rattling sabers.

They were out there for awhile, pretending to be industrious on the truck. I got preoccupied with life, so I don't know when they shut the truck up and went back into the Beavisphere.

I just wonder if he's actually going to try to resurrect the horrible beast!