Monday, April 27, 2009

Ah spring...

I think 40 Miles of Bad Road moved out of the Beavisphere.

It's just been too quiet.

Then this afternoon I hear, "MAYBE IF YOU WEREN'T SUCH A FUCKING TWEAKER!" bellowed from Beavis' general direction, with nonintelligible female whining following. I look out the window and see him stomping back and forth between the house and a Land Rover parked in front of the portable storage space--I mean, the worktruck. A woman was driving the SUV, whom I assume to be 40MBR. She has nice wheels for a tweaker.

Beavis climbed into the passenger side of the SUV after roaring to Ma Barker that he'll BE RIGHT BACK, DAMMIT. So far, back to quiet.

Last week the Dear Husband had an unsettling experience with Beavis and Ellie Mae. Well, unsettling for us, at any rate.

There was a large superball lying in our driveway. DH saw it and picked it up. Ellie Mae was watching from the Beavisphere driveway, looking to be alone. DH walked over and placed the ball on the lawn median between the sidewalk and street in front of the Beavisphere. Ellie Mae just sat and stared. As DH walked back across the street to our house, he hears Beavis' disembodied voice say, "What do you saaaaaayyyyyyyyy?" Ellie Mae jerked around in the direction of the garage, stared for a beat, jerked back to DH, and murmured "Thank you".

DH hustled back home and shuddered to himself.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Why No Updates?

I've begun hearing from the masses that the lack of updates here has been...unsettling. And more importantly, UNAMUSING. Well, we can't have that, now can we?

So...what's been going on?

Luckily, not a whole lot. Big Daddy is around, and so the leash is kept fairly tight on Beavis. I'll see him wandering around the front yard of the Beavisphere periodically. Ellie Mae usually follows behind him. 40 Miles of Bad Road is rarely seen.

Beavis has visitors stopping by occasionally...don't know if they're "friends", drug connections, or what. Their presence is temporary.

The past couple of times I've had the murdersickle out, Ellie Mae's been fascinated. Part of her fascination may stem from the fact that Beavis occasionally has access to a little Honda scooter to get around and look all...uh...badass or something. When I start up the murdersickle, Ellie Mae stops her wanderings instantly and stands staring at me, transfixed. Poor little thing. She won't grow up to be a murdersickle rider like me...she'd end up in a leather halter top with a rose tattoo on her breast, flashing strangers at a biker meet.

So that's what's going on. Now I've probably jinxed myself by posting that nothing's going on...that's usually when something happens. Stay tuned.