Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Deja Vu

It's been awhile since I've had to update, as Beavis managed to not be a total jerkass and kept his menagerie of vehicles out of the way for the most part. Until....


I came home from practice and found that goddam horrible truck back in front of our house as if it had never left. The husband is swearing that this time we should call the parking division of the police and have them ticket the damn truck. I thought I'd take pix for backup.

For some reason Beavis has a mini-tire store going on in the bed of the truck. Notice how he's also removed the previous contents(surfboard and all!)as well as removing the truck bed liner.

Last week he was carrying some sort of wood cabinetry in the back. Whyfor, I don't know. I also don't know what the intended use of the wood cabinetry was, but he grew tired of that quickly, it seems.

Across the street the Crappy Caddy has finally left. I'm not sure where it is; I didn't notice it parked down the street in front of some other poor neighbor's house at any rate. Instead, we see the crapacious Work Truck from Hell is still in residence. Also in attendance is Little Sister's Old Car. It was parked a couple doors down from us for about four months straight with a "For Sale" sign in the window. Apparently she's not bright enough to either put an ad somewhere to sell the thing or that there isn't enough traffic on our block to bring in a sucker--I mean--potential buyer for the heavily-used car. Beavis finally washed the residue of four months of weather off the car this past weekend. Oh joy.

Other visitors include some guy with a huge bright orange work truck. It's obnoxious in just about every way. The woman with the Volvo who has dealings with Beavis is still a regular visitor. Sometimes she visits carting an infant with her; I hope to god that the brat isn't also Beavis's. We also get the ebb and flow of people who stop by for short amounts of time and then quickly leaving. I can never see exactly what they're doing. Beavis's mommy has visitors come by and cart her to work and back. Lovely!