Sunday, October 11, 2009

Jinxing Myself Again...

I get crap when I don't update this blog, but when I don't update it, it means that Beavis is keeping on the Downlow. WHICH IS GOOD FOR ME even though it's boring for you.

The most action I've seen from him was about two weeks ago on a Sunday night when I heard a weird motor revving and falling...revving and falling...revving and falling.

I look outside and see a black Nissan or Toyota idling in front of the Beavisphere. I also see Beavis digging through the recycling bin in front of his house, randomly throwing aside cans in search of...something. I don't know what. He then hops in the passenger side of the car and the car takes off. It gets halfway down the block when it stops and reverses its way back to the Beavisphere. Beavis hops out, goes into the house for a few minutes, stomps back out, gets back in the car, and the car leaves for real. WTF??!

I'll also occasionally see him and Ellie Mae walking to or from the Beavisphere on Important Beavis Business. That poor little kid manages to keep up with him rather well considering that he's usually preoccupied yelling on his cell phone while she trundles along on her tricycle.

That poor girl. I feel for her. I'll hate her when she's a teenager though...she'll be a true hellion then.