Thursday, April 10, 2008

Habits of Others

No pix today, and I should be working, but the morning is going by so slowwwwwww...

Anyway, the husband mentioned an observation from last night:

Husband is on his bicycle near the west end of our block. He hears a car come up fast behind him, so he makes sure to move over so that said car doesn't hit him.

Turns out it's Beavis in the white peesachit truck. 

Beavis slows down. 

Husband keeps going to get the hell outta there. 

Beavis turns at the end of the block. 

Husband's still going. 

Beavis stops, put the peesachit truck in reverse, and goes back up the street he just turned onto, then turns back on our street and heads back for homebase.

He didn't do anything to Husband(thankfully), but Husband wonders if Beavis' behavior is "normal" or not.

I've seen Beavis do similiar things when I'm out jogging. He'll drive to the west end of our block and then pull a u-turn and go right back the way he came. 

From my Divorce Desk view, I'll see Beavis drive up and down our street, seemingly aimlessly. He'll stop at home, then hop back into the truck to drive up and down some more. 

What does it mean? 

I have NO IDEA.


Mental problems?

The  mind boggles.

Ooh, before I forget, I saw a terrific verbal spat between Beavis, 40 Miles of Bad Road(baby momma #3), and Ma Barker(Beavis' mom) at the beginning of the week.

The scene: out in the middle of the street, two doors down from my house. The white peesachit truck is parked curbside. Double-parked next to it is a dark Acura or something similiar. Triple-parked next to that is Little Sister's BMW. 

Beavis is wandering around carrying the latest victim of his DNA transfer(kid #3, wearing nothing but a diaper in the chilly early evening air), yelling. Ma Barker is yelling back. Little Sister is standing in the middle of the street. 40 Miles of Bad Road is in the truck with one of her friends. Some dude who apparently owns the Acura stands next to his car.

I can't hear what Beavis is yelling about, but I hear Ma Barker's distinctive Scottish harping, "Take the baby inside and put some clothes on her!!"

Beavis replies, "I would, but you won't let me in the house!"

Ma Barker barks back, but I can't hear what she says. In fact, all yelling becomes unintelligible at this point, but it's great fun to see Beavis pace like a caged lion with his unfortunate (and cold)child under one arm while he's yelling like a tantrum-enraged two year old. Everyone else is stalking around in the middle of the street, too. 

After about five minutes of this, Ma Barker gets in Little Sister's BMW and they drive off. Oh, Ma Barker can't/won't drive. I think this is why she has Beavis and Little Sister around so much, so that she occasionally saves money on taxi fare.

At this point, I had to go do something in the house for about a minute. When I look back outside, Beavis is gone. So is the Acura.

40 Miles of Bad Road sits in the white peesachit truck with her friend. They talk for awhile, then pull their slatternly selves out to meander back to Beavis' parents' house.

All is quiet.

Goddam, I wish I had surveillance cameras out 24/7 on those people!

One last note: the hideous dark brown worktruck is back to being parked in front of Beavis' parents' house. 

Just waiting for a chance to park in front of our house again, I'm sure. 

We've had Beavis park the white truck in front of our house, but because he uses it so much for his weird driving purposes, it's not been growing moss and we've been able to put our cars back out front. Now our immediate neighbors go out of their way to put some kind of vehicle in front of their houses to keep it a Beavis-free zone too.  

It ain't just us, apparently!