Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm Bored

I was distractedly watching a fun dvd set called, Forbidden Hollywood which features films that were made in the very early 1930's before the Production Code went into full effect. Needless to say, there were some films that were smutty...for the time.

Anyway, I got distracted by loud music with an insane bass track, and I look outside to see this:

The Expedition that Beavis and 40 Miles of Bad Road have been running around in lately. They weren't driving it today; some fat dude with a bandanna on his head was. Whatever.

Beavis and Fat Dude talked for awhile, then Fat Dude pulled the SUV into the Beavisphere driveway. 40MBR and Ellie Mae came wandering out. 40MBR went to their portable storage unit, aka the rotting worktruck:

There isn't really a way to lock up the worktruck, but Beavis has to jerryrig his way in anyway:

Lookit the Happy Family!

I got distracted by my own work, so I got back to it.

A little later, I see this:

Beavis carrying a coffee table. The table was left out in front of the next door neighbor's house. I saw it earlier in the day and it looked pretty cool, but I figured something must've been wrong with it for it to be abandoned like it was.

Beavis carried the table to the grass-clippings bin that was conveniently out front and put in on top of the bin.

However, he put the table back out in No Man's Land about 15 minutes later:

Then about an hour after that, some dude came along and grabbed the table:

And happily drove off with it:

One thing I've noticed is that Big Daddy isn't around. Crap. That means Beavis and his brood will continue to be around more often. Welp, hopefully that'll just mean that I'll get more funny photos of a benign nature, and not have any actual interaction with that prick.

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