Saturday, August 30, 2008


Beavis has been laying low, but is still around. How do I know this?

He pushed the pickup around in front of the Beavisphere:

Last week the truck was way closer to the driveway curb. It's been pushed forward almost to the spot it was in when the Parking Enforcement Lady marked it up:

The right front tire was not fixed like I thought it was. He's been getting around taxi-style:

The day before yesterday, I was trying to be sly and get a better shot of the truck from the front porch. As I was doing this, little Ellie Mae wandered into view:

I slipped back into the house, as I foolishly thought there would be some adult supervision coming to get her at any second.

I was wrong.

She went wandering down the street. Much like Beavis was left to do when he was her age, I suspect:

Ellie Mae was left to her own devices for a good five minutes if not longer. Here's she wandering around in the yard of a house two doors down from the Beavisphere:

Ma Barker finally shuffles outside to see where little Ellie Mae wandered off to. She sees her, but doesn't go after her. She just calls her name repeatedly from the driveway:

At least Ellie Mae is obedient and runs back:

They go back into the house. Then end.

I don't know where Beavis was in all this. Or 40 Miles of Bad Road. Haven't seen 40MBR at all, now that I think about it.

I feel really bad for Ellie Mae, as she's a real innocent in all this. She's gonna be hell when she hits puberty.

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