Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Yet Moar Domestic Bliss...

I'm becoming addicted to staring out the window. Freelance? PHOOEY!

Beavis came busting out of Big Daddy's house this afternoon, yelling. Unfortunately I couldn't decipher what he was saying, as I had my radio turned up too loud. Dammit.

He meanders in and out of the house, continuing to bellow. Little Ellie Mae(the child formerly known as Unfortunate DNA Recipient #3) wanders aimlessly about, trying to keep up with Beavis. Poor little thing.

Eventually 40 Miles of Bad Road stomps out of the house, purse in hand, cigarette in mouth. Yeah, why stop smoking just because she's pregnant? That's just silly! Beavis follows.

40MBR stomps into the middle of the street, Beavis continues to follow...they're both snapping at each other. He takes his hoodie and smacks her with it. She waves him off and backtracks to the sidewalk to start waddling down the street. Beavis yanks her purse off her shoulder but she keeps going. He follows behind her for a ways, then turns around and goes back to Beavisphere Central.

He stomps inside, then reappears a few minutes later. He hops on a beach cruiser and starts pedaling in the direction that 40MBR was going. After a few more minutes, little Ellie Mae toddles out of the house, looking for her parents. Cute little booger. Eventually Ma Barker brings the child back into the house.

Beavis bicycles back home. 40MBR waddles back around 15 minutes later.

Ah, what harmony!


A few hours later...

40MBR bursts out of the house, Beavis following. Both are screaming at each other.

40MBR grabs a bicycle and takes off. Beavis follows on the second bicycle. She swoops up and down the street, Beavis following all the while. They both go out of my sight line. A few minutes later, Beavis bicycles back.


I try to go back to work.

Until I hear more yelling about five minutes later.

No freakin' way!

I look out the window and see 40MBR waddling back to the Beavisphere, with Beavis following. Both are on foot. She's screaming over and over, "Hit on a man, you big b!tch! HIT ON A MAN! I'M PREGNANT!" He bellows something about her smoking while pregnant.

They face off in the driveway, continuing their spat. He repeatedly taunts her by threatening to hit her.

Ellie Mae toddles out of the house. 40MBR picks her up and uses her as a shield. Seriously. Beavis almost hits the both of them. 40MBR puts Ellie Mae down, screams at Beavis, "GIVE ME MY SWEATSHIRT SO THAT I CAN GET OUT OF HERE!!!" Of course Beavis just waves the hoodie in 40MBR's face, so she just turns and stomps down the street screaming, "I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!"

Beavis goes back into the house for a few minutes, then stomps back out, hops on a bicycle, and gives chase.

Ellie Mae wanders out again. She's left alone in the driveway for several minutes before Ma Barker fetches her.


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