Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Now It's Getting Scary

Since my last entry, Big Daddy came back into town, so events had calmed down considerably. 40 Miles of Bad Road was rarely seen, while Beavis would be spotted strolling up and down the street with little Ellie Mae. Little Sister and the Nub came by periodically to give Ma Barker rides to who knows where. Things were quiet enough to the point where I was actually moving at a pretty good clip on my freelance.

Tranquility was broken this afternoon, in a scary way.

I hear 40MBR screaming from my perch in the living room, where I was doing derby work on the big computer.

I look outside and see 40MBR screaming and crying in the street:

She was screaming some VERY unsettling things. Mentioned getting a black eye by Beavis. That he hit her. That he was a "real man" because he hit her. That she needed to get the hell out of there. She also called him a "b!tch" a few hundred times. He bellowed back at her, but I couldn't decipher what he was saying. He followed her around and took swipes at her, but I couldn't tell if they were serious swipes or if he was just messing with her in her hysteria.

Notice that Ellie Mae was present and accounted for. Jeezus:

Beavis goes back in the house. 40MBR follows. The front door is left open, and I can hear more screaming from 40MBR. I hear things being thrown around.

Then my camera battery dies.


I grab the Dear Husband's camera. Its battery decides to die, too.


While I'm trying to figure out how to solve the camera problem(I don't, btw), 40MBR comes back out onto the porch...without her shorts on. She had grabbed a pair of blue jeans and was putting them on outside, still screaming and crying at Beavis, who was inside the Beavisphere abode.

I hear taptaptap from Beavis from inside the house. 40MBR turns to the window where he's apparently standing inside, waves her arms and screams,





She starts wandering around, crying. Beavis comes back outside carrying Ellie Mae and chases 40MBR down. He yells at her. She yells back. She goes back to the house, gets her purse, and stomps off down the street. Beavis is detained by an elderly neighbor who's obviously wondering if the cops need to be called. Beavis acts like a sane adult with the neighbor, still holding Ellie Mae.

For now things are back to being quiet.

This is some disturbing sh!t if he really did pull a gun on her, for a variety of reasons.


Little Kenny said...

You not only need a 24/7 camera, but a 24/7 microphone too. Oi.

Your bath tub is cast iron right?


RedDiabla said...

We may need 24/7 police surveillance at some point if the weirdness keeps up.

I'd settle for a video camera, though.

Little Kenny said...

Firearms and the unstable definitely do not mix. Keep your heads down.


RedDiabla said...

I didn't see any firearms, so I don't know if she's yelling that just so the neighbors hear, or if it's for real.

Freak factor's pretty high on that.

Today they've been shut in the house all day, though they came out when 40MBR took a smoke break in the early evening. Everyone acted so *nice*.


Mudsock said...