Monday, June 02, 2008

Beavis Goes Green

The humongo black SUV is gone from the neighborhood.

Apparently Fat Pig and Homie took it back.

However, they must've given Beavis a helluva cheep price for the thing, as he hasn't been able to replace it with another vehicle that borders on working.

So he and 40 Miles of Bad Road are bicycling about.

I saw the both of them each on beach cruisers over the weekend. It's tres cute.

But apparently that's not enough.

The Dear Husband and I witnessed an altercation tonight where Beavis and 40 Miles of Bad Road were having a tug-of-war over her taking a bicycle.

We hear the shouting, and since I was in the art room with the computer on, I had to relocate since the computer fan was too damn loud to hear all the conversation.

40 Miles of Bad Road wants to ride the bike to visit her dad. Beavis won't let her take the bike. She begs, pleads, and cries to no avail. He makes some kind of threat, because she then screams something along the lines of, "Go ahead and kick me in the stomach! I'm just trying to do good for my daughter!" Remember, she's also knocked up with Unfortunate DNA Recipient #4.

So now we know that we can officially call Unfortunate DNA Recipient #3 "Ellie Mae", a la Beverly Hillbillies.

Beavis mutters incoherently and yanks the bicycle away from her. 40 Miles of Bad Road then wails that she can't walk to Westchester to see her dad. Well, apparently Beavis thinks she can, because he has the bicycle and he ain't driving her in either the brown worktruck or in Little Sister's old VW, both of which are still parked in front of Big Daddy's house.

40 Miles of Bad Road stomps off, apparently on her way to Westchester. I swear I was tempted to go offer a ride to her, but that would have to be one of the biggest mistakes possible for me to commit.

Ma Barker comes out and tells Beavis to "stop making a scene". Beavis barks back that "SHE STARTED IT!" She mutters some more(neither the Dear Husband or I could figure out what was being said), he replies with, "I'm not going anywhere!" as he paces between the front porch to the worktruck and back.

Things seemed to have settled down for the moment as 40 Miles of Bad Road is still gone and Beavis went back into the house. We'll see if it stays quiet.

Edit: 40MBR came quietly back to the house in a cab about an hour and a half later. No stirring in the Beavisphere since then.


JennaT said...

I'm concerned about the stress this must cause you and the Dear Husband, so I suggest you shorten 40 Miles of Bad Road to 4MBR. Of course, it doesn't quite roll off the tongue the same, but it's a possibility.

RedDiabla said...

The main stress we're experiencing right now is the stress from trying to contain our laughter when this stuff happens. We don't want to interrupt the show!