Saturday, November 15, 2008

Suburban Bliss

Big Daddy is still around quite often, so Beavis' activities are curtailed to a certain extent.

But not completely.

Beavis has caught on to the Parking Ticket Game, and so he regularly washes the worktruck to make it look like it's taken care of. Nevermind that it still has a flat tire:

Oh look, he's spiffying up the windows!

He still is a jerkface, though.

Thursday night both the Dear Husband and I caught snippets of one of Beavis' cellphone conversations that he likes to have as he paces around outside the Beavisphere. Something about him hanging out with his friends and threatening someone. He then pleads with the guy he's talking to to not call the cops. 'Cos dawg, he's gonna beat the sh!t outta the someone he threatened. He says dawg a lot. Since he's so...gangsta and all.

He then went on to say that the action was coming to our street.


But nothing happened. Big Daddy came home and put the kaibash on Beavis' roamings.

On Friday he was back to hanging out in front of the house while Ellie Mae wandered around, barely attended to:

Ellie Mae's been known to wander off quite often when left to her own devices. Usually Ma Barker has to go and fetch Ellie Mae from one of the neighbor's yards. 40 Miles of Bad Road still is not around, nor is her latest offspring. We still don't know what happened to her.

EDIT: Sunday, Nov. 16: This morning I stumbled around the house and heard Beavis even though I was inside my house. He was helping some dude wash a blazer-type of vehicle parked in front of the Beavisphere and talking loudly. Something about "my sh!t that got stolen" by some guy. I hear a woman's voice, but I never saw her, just heard her voice. I don't think it was 40MBR.

Beavis argued with her. Ellie Mae wandered back and forth along the sidewalk. The blazer dude kept detailing the blazer. I caught different snippets of conversation about Beavis' stolen stuff, and that she's a backstabber because she let the dude take Beavis' stuff and still hangs out with the guy. Or something. Hmmmm. This went on for at least a half hour. Then they all piled into the blazer and left.

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