Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Last week I saw this:

Weird to see Beavis with a computer. I wonder if the keyboard has pictures instead of letters on it so that he comprehends...

But more importantly...

40 Miles of Bad Road made a brief reappearance!

She came by last Saturday to visit with Ellie Mae. Beavis and 40MBR were civil to each arguing, etc.

As you can see, Unfortunate DNA Recipient #4 is no longer inside of 40MBR. We don't know where UDNAR#4 wasn't with 40MBR.

Jeezus, but that woman has earned her nickname.

The three of them went wandering off down the street after about a half hour:

And about 15 minutes after they left, Beavis and Ellie Mae came back:

Thanksgiving and rain have been keeping further Beavis activity on the quiet side. Woohoo!

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Chris Battle said...

Beavis is reading your blog in that picture.