Saturday, July 05, 2008

Grist for the Mill

Big Daddy's been back in town the past couple of weeks, so the Beavisphere has been calm.

Every once in awhile Little Sister stops by, sometimes with the Nub, sometimes not. I haven't seen 40 Miles of Bad Road at all, and Ellie Mae's appearances have been few.

Yesterday the Dear Husband and I had our yearly catch-up talk with the neighbors(we're horrible neighbors...we never socialize), and we found out some things that we had guessed at before:

*Big Daddy can't get rid of Beavis unless he wants to get divorced. Apparently he doesn't want to get divorced, so Beavis stays.

*Beavis' drug customers park on the next street over and go through the backyard to Beavis' house for their purchases.

*Beavis' charming thugged out friends have made outright threats to Big Daddy.


Ma Barker is messed up to allow that to go on, but there's nothing we can do about it.

And we found out why Beavis isn't around the neighborhood the week of July 4.

Every year there's some kind of block party in one form or another that happens in our neighborhood. Everyone would meet up in a designated driveway and potluck away the afternoon and then set off fireworks at night. This has been happening for decades.

When Beavis was a kid, he'd go break into the neighbor's houses during the block party.

We figure that the only reason he isn't still doing that is because the repercussions would be more severe for his slacker @$$.

Creepy, ain't it?

Below is an average verbal exchange between Beavis and Ma Barker. I had heard him yelling at her, and thought it was another fight. It wasn't. They were having a "discussion" about Little Sister.

Again, as we suspected, Little Sister is single. It is of Beavis' opinion that she's miserable because she doesn't "have a man", as he says. It is also of his opinion that Little Sister is making Ma Barker miserable because she's miserable.

Of course.

I just hope that Big Daddy doesn't die anytime soon. To be stuck with this sleazeball forever scares me.

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