Saturday, April 22, 2006

Vanity, thy name is "Beavis"

Thursday was a big day for ol' neighborboy Beavis. He did some major rearranging of the back of the non-running peesachit truck.

Gone is the dog crate, the wood crate, the spare tire, and the plastic bag in the spare tire. The surfboard has now been joined by what appears to be a car hood and two wall mirrors. Click on the photos below for a better look...

As you can see, things have opened up in the truck bed:

Here's the first mirror:

You can just make out the edge of the second mirror under the car hood-thingy. The blue thing is the old bottle of motor oil:

I also noticed a lanyard hanging from the rearview mirror in the truck cab that said, Sundance Channel STAFF.

Huh. I never would've guessed that Beavis was capable of finding work with someplace like the Sundance Channel. Makes me wonder how he came across that little gem. I might try to get a photo of it in the morning, when I have less trouble with the window reflection wrecking my photo attempts.

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