Thursday, April 06, 2006

Junk in the Trunk

Here's a slight update of the inventory that's stashed in the truckbed of the never-moving pick'emup truck:

As you can see, the surfboard, tire, and plastic bag are still in attendance. Added to the fray is that green...thing in the upper righthand corner of the photo. I think it's used to distribute fertilizer on lawns, but I'm not sure. Also added is the yellow coffee cup. At first, it was sitting on the hood of the pickemup truck, but Beavis figured out that it belongs in the truckbed before I could get a pic of it still on the hood. Slick! The red rag might be new, but I'm not sure.

Edit: oooooh, now that I look, the green thing has been there for's just made its way to the surface, apparently trying to claw its way out of the hell it finds itself in. The cup is definitely new, and seems resigned to its fate.

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