Sunday, May 29, 2011

I lied...

Remember that part where I said I wouldn't post here anymore because of the Entropy Project's conclusion? Yeah. Well, I had to include this, because it's kinda funny in a sick way.

The DH ran into our neighbors down the street, who had a semi-update on the Demise of Beavis. The story going around now is that Beavis was canoodling with a girl whose boyfriend was in jail. Said girl got pregnant and told the jailbird boyfriend that the baby was his. The jailbird boyfriend bought the story. Then the baby was born. With Beavis blond hair.


And we know what happened from there.

Now, murder is murder, and I don't condone that AT ALL. 

HOWEVER, if the above rumor is true, it somehow makes the Beavis story more...ludicrous. And more typically Beavis. He was a dude that made bad decisions no matter how you slice it.

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