Friday, May 15, 2009


A common sight in the Beavisphere:

Beavis, Ma Barker and Ellie Mae on a random day:

A not-so-common sight in the Beavisphere:

A Parking Enforcement lady actually ENFORCING parking:

Yesterday afternoon I went out to run some errands and saw this fine city employee DOING HER JOB. She spent a good ten minutes inspecting Beavis' non-moving worktruck with no one stirring from within the Beavisphere. I left as she was writing up the ticket.

I came back an hour later to a surprise.

First the truck was all:

And then it was all:

Yep, Beavis managed to tow the damned thing into the Beavisphere driveway.

I just about peed myself laughing.

Check out the closeup:

You can see the parking ticket still tucked under the windshield wipers. And there's a couple of blocks of wood keeping the truck from rolling anywhere. There's the one block you can see in front of the left front tire, but there's also one in front of the rear right tires.

So now that damned thing is winking at my house all the time.


Little Kenny said...

Man at this point it's just gotta be cheaper to shit can that thing and buy a new one if the state ever gives him his license back. For the amount it would probably cost to get it running again and registered at this point he could probably get something, shoot, I don't know, nice?

RedDiabla said...

That's "reasonable people" talk you're saying there, LK. This is BEAVIS we're talking about. All logic must be thrown out the window before discussing him. Might I suggest drinking some turpentine to help get into the right Beavis frame of mind.


Chris Battle said...

Man, all the big plot twists get saved up for sweeps!!

Anonymous said...

Actually, Beavis didn't tow the truck into the driveway, he pushed it. I live down the street from Beavis and I was coming home on my lunch hour and Beavis and some other guy were trying to push the "worktruck" into the driveway. The street was blocked so I couldn't get through so I was forced to sit and watch the whole thing unfold The truck got away from them and rolled down the street and ran into the curb in front of a house under construction. The construction crew must have felt sorry for them or feared for safety of their own cars, so they stopped their work and came out and helped Beavis and his friend push the truck backwards down to Beavis's driveway and get it up into the driveway. It was quite a scene. Little Ellie Mae kept wanting to run out in the street to her father.

RedDiabla said...


HAB said...

Sweeps Week... TOTALLY.
: )