Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New Hoss in the Stable

For the past two weeks the white peesachit pickem'up and the third baby momma, 40 Miles of Bad Road, have been conspicuously absent. Things were nice and quiet despite the fact that Beavis is still around, wandering about in front of his house at odd times of the day and night. Sometimes he'll bring out Unfortunate DNA Recipent #3, clad in a shirt and nothing else. Yep, he lets his offspring run around with no pants on. Cute!

At first we chalked it up to Little Sister appearing to move back home complete with a big ol' baby bump(we've never seen her with anything resembling a significant other, so we don't know what the circumstances of all this means).

But now we think that Beavis either sold the white pickem'up or 40 Miles of Bad Road has it, as there's now a huge black Ford Excursion lurking about the Deliverance residence:

Here's Beavis cleaning out the back:

Notice the faded yet fancy "for sale" painted on the back window:

Check out the lovingly spray-painted front bumper:

That's classy!

The monstrosity has a paper dealer plate on the back(no front plate on it at all) and leaks oil just like the white pickem'up. Nice to see that Beavis is going for a color palette change in his obnoxious vehicles. He's already annoyed our next door neighbor when he parks the gas guzzler in front of their house. He hasn't had the chance to annoy us...


Stay tuned, for there's bound to be more stupidity right around the corner.

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