Tuesday, March 11, 2008



I step outside.

A bright, beautiful spring day.

Gazing around, I notice that my vision isn't marred by the monstrosity that is Beavis' pickup:

I look to the right:

Ah, there's that peesachit now:

I quickly turn away, not wanting to wreck my semi-good mood, my face wrinkled in disgust.

I turn to face the other direction, usually unmarred by Beavisitis:

But....wait...what's that I see down the block?



It can't be..?!


That damn worktruck.

Apparently Beavis didn't sell it after all, but is "storing" it down the street:

Holy shiiiiiott, what nerve.

What a nice stroller hanging out the back of the damn thing, too:

I'm very tempted to let the latest parking victim know that they have options, but I've never spoken to them before, so it'd be weird to approach them now. Maybe I'll leave a handy-dandy note with a phone number or two for them to use?



Kevin said...

Do you know if Beavis is a drug dealer or anything like that? If you suspect that, there are other options. Is there odd traffic at odd hours?

-Kevin O'Neil

Ninamree said...

hmmmmm... I like what Kevin said :)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, well if those plates don't match the registration, some cop could look good for his boss by finding them on the wrong veee-hickle.

Stolen property and all that kind of thing.

Perhaps a civic minded citizen could make an anonymous phone call from a payphone to the police reporting a stolen vehicle?

Or there's always this -

The Community Effort to Combat Auto Theft (CECAT)

CECAT, an extremely effective multi-agency task force coordinated by the Los Angeles Police Department, directs its efforts primarily toward vehicle thefts in the San Fernando Valley. In 1995, this task force arrested 346 suspects and recovered 259 vehicles valued at $3,508,000. CECAT has been the subject of media coverage and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and on the television programs COPS, Hard Copy and Inside Edition.

Try this. It's a few years old, but you never know? LAPD CECAT Sergeant John Artes at 818-756-8138.