Monday, January 21, 2008

LA DOT is useless so far

Back to our regularly scheduled entropy...

Still no action from the city regarding Beavis' gawdawful truck. Not much has changed...he still argues with the babymomma, has visitors at weird hours of the night, and is basically his usual whitetrash self.

Last week I noticed a partially-smashed can of WD-40 on top of one of the tires of the truck:

Close-up numero uno:

Close-up numero two-o:

I don't know what, if anything, its presence signifies. I thought I'd document it for chuckles, though. It goes well with the baby stroller that's rotting in the truckbed, I guess. Also notice the smudged remnants of the white marks the parking enforcement people left in December when Beavis got ticketed. I don't know if they've made further marks that he just cleans off, or whether we're stuck with this sh!tpile for another eight months.

Here's a front view of the truck. I took this because the "winking" headlight is kinda cute:

Be lucky you don't have this crapacious crap in front of your house!

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