Sunday, April 01, 2007

Mainly Quiet on the Western Front...

...for now.

Ever since Beavis saw me taking photos of his obnoxiousness, he's been keeping said obnoxiousness on the downlow. Here are a couple of examples of what he does on Trash Day.

Basically he'll park his peesachit truck so that no one else can park in front of the house for a few hours. So far he'll move said peesachit before nightfall.

I also have a photo of Beavis' truck parked in front of the fire hydrant next door. I gotta dig that up and post it. He and his @$$hole friends have a really annoying habit of parking in front of said fire hydrant. Jeezus, there isn't a shortage of parking on the damn street, does it really affect their wittle footsies if they park 5o feet farther away?

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