Monday, July 03, 2006

Long Time, No Update

Sorry for the lack of updates. Beavis has apparently given up anything resembling a day job and is pretty much lurking about mommy and daddy's house on a full-time basis. I have to be more crafty on getting photos without him noticing.

The husband and I talked to one of Beavis' next door neighbors, who pointed out something that I was suspecting a few weeks ago. We think Beavis is now a low-level drug dealer. Why do you think that, Sherlock? you may be asking.

Good question. What do you think about the following:

He doesn't seem to have a job of any sort.

He's on his cel phone a LOT.

He has creepy people come by the house at all hours, parking haphazardly, and most don't stick around for too long.

He's been seen sitting in the cars of these creepy people for various lengths of time at all hours.

There have been a wide variety of said cars...from 2o year old Toyotas to brand-spankin' new Mercedes.


Makes ya think, don't it? Without any better evidence, I don't really know what to do about my suspicions, though.

Here's some quick photos I took today:

What's missing from this photo? Beavis' big ol' crappy "work truck"! It disappeared yesterday, and I had thought he'd actually gotten the thing running and was out of the house for the weekend. Nope, no suck luck...the truck is gone, but he came out of the house just as I was finishing up my photographing for the day. Yesterday there was a car battery sitting on the curb where the blue trashcan is currently sitting. Snazzy!

Here we have shot numero uno of the bed of the Peesachit truck that's still parked in front of our house. Notice how he's gotten rid of the previous junk, but has added what appears to be the top of an air conditioner:

Shot numero two-o:

And hey! what's this? Beavis actually managed to fix the trunk of his Crappy Caddy so that he doesn't need a carjack keeping the lid closed for the time being. The car hasn't moved at all since the last time I posted. In fact, it got a ticket a couple of weeks ago. Beavis apparently doesn't care about that, as the car remains in entropic perpetuity.


Donna A. said...

Thanks for the update--I was worried that Beavis turned corporate and moved out or something...

RedDiabla said...

No, there's speculation that he's on house arrest.

Good times!